2015 Papers in Print

  1. Burger AP, De Villiers AP & Van Vuuren JH, 2015. Edge stability in secure graph domination. Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 17(1), 103-122 [pdf].
  2. Burger AP, Jacobs CG, Van Vuuren JH & Visagie SE, 2015. Scheduling multi-colour print jobs with sequence-dependent setup times, Journal of Scheduling, 18, 131-145 [pdf].
  3. Heyns AM & Van Vuuren JH, 2015. An evaluation of the effectiveness of observation camera placement within the MeerKAT radio telescope project, South African Journal of Industrial Engineering, 26(2), 10-25 [pdf].
  4. Potgieter L, Conlong DE & Van Vuuren JH, 2015. The role of heterogeneous agricultural landscapes in the suppression of pest species following random walk dispersal patterns, Ecological Modelling, 306, 240-246 [pdf].