Stellenbosch Unit of Operations Research and

(Stellenbosch Unit for Operations Research in Engineering)

Vision:  Analysis in Support of Effective Decisions

Mission:  To create an inclusive environment for the training, development and inspiration of innovative, yet responsible, scientific young minds


  • The continual pursuit of excellence above all else
  • Fostering a serious & professional work ethic
  • Practising defensible, repeatable & responsible science
  • Vigorously & ceaselessly enlarging our knowledge base
  • Seeking advice as widely & as often as possible
  • Engaging in challenging debate, but respecting the opinions of others
  • Developing a genuine interest in the work of our peers
  • Contributing actively to enrich the local, communal work environment
  • Demonstrating loyalty to our affiliations & broader scientific communities
  • Being tireless ambassadors of our scientific discipline